This week so far has been a busy one for your Tonawanda Professional Firefighters. On 10/30/17 firefighters from "D" shift were dispatched to a chimney fire on Kohler Street. Crews were on scene in under 3 minutes and the fire was extinguished with no extension or further damage to the structure. The homeowners were not displaced by this incident due to the rapid and effective response of our personnel.  Also, all four platoons participated in confined space training drills at the corner of Adam St and Wheeler St. The crews were given the scenario of an unconscious worker down in the storm sewer. Crews were able to quickly assess the situation and perform a rescue in under 15 minutes. Our firefighters are one of only two confined space rescue teams in Erie County and this is yet another way your City of Tonawanda Professional Firefighters keep you, your loved ones and our community safe. Outside of these two events we have been very buys with EMS, rescue and other fire related calls and responses. Please head over to our gallery and check out the newly uploaded pictures from the fire and from our training and make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.